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Good Daddy January 29, 2007

Filed under: Layouts — Becky Adams @ 1:39 pm

good-daddy.jpgHere’s a piece of info for ya:  I’m married to a really great guy.  Besides the fact that he’s also a digi scrapper (how cool is that?!), he’s also an amazing Daddy.  To honor just one of the wonderful ways that he shows his great-daddiness, I’ve made this LO for him.  (credits:  everything is from the “Isabella” kit by Maggie Lamarre of Dragonflaire Studios) 

So after I finished making this page, I got to thinking about what kind of mother I am.  I’m pretty sure that my two oldest kids will remember that Daddy wore those bracelets for months without removing them.  What will they remember about me?  Will they remember the “Bratz” sticker that I wore for a solid week?  Will they remember the handmade party invitations that we made together?  What about the times I checked them out of school an hour early just to spend some alone time with them?  I sure hope they remember the little things like that.  Maybe I should make some scrappy pages about those things….just to nudge their memories.  lol


One Response to “Good Daddy”

  1. Karen Says:

    Yeah I reckon you should commemorate those special little things by scrapping them. It sounds like they have great quality time with both their parents but from their point of view that’s just normal. They won’t realise that all kids don’t necessarily have that kind of family life until they’re a lot older.

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