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Fun Contest … Check It Out! February 27, 2007

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I found this great contest completely by accident and just had to enter it.  Y’all check out my entry and let me know what you think…

Credits:  Fonts – PeaLacyChunky & PeaStacysDoodleScript;  Everything else is from the Pink Sugar Pop Contest Kit by Holly McCaig Designs.

Here’s how the contest works…first you need to go to Holly’s site at http://www.hollymccaigdesigns.com/blog/ .  Scroll down a ways until you see this super fab kit and then download it.  Her rules for the contest are listed just above the preview of the kit.  Make a layout using only her designs (easy enough…she’s quite talented) and submit your link to her.  Be sure to read her rules though.  There’s a bit more there.  These are just the basics.  The prizes are great and the kit is really fun to work with.  If you do her contest, would you please post a link here so that I can see your page too?  I’d love to see what you come up with!!!


Back to Work…Back to Fun!

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Okay, I gotta agree with my friend….scrapping really is cheaper than therapy!  I’ve got two new kits to work with and it has felt sooooo good getting some scrappy time in!  So here are a couple of layouts for you….

This first one is of my youngest dd who has the most adorable dimples.  Everything on this page is from the “Blossom” kit by BadCandy.  This kit is available at Scrapable and at Polka Dot Potato.  If you’re looking for fun, this kit will not disappoint! 

How’s this for capturing a 15 year old?!  My oldest ds took this photo of himself while playing around with my camera.  Everything on this page is from the “9-5 Essentials” kit by Maggie Lamarre and it is available at OScrap and Dragonflaire Studio.  When I saw this kit, my first thought was that it would be PERFECT for this photo!  And there’s so much more to this kit that you can’t see here.  I highly recommend checking this one out!

 I’ll come back later tonight and chat more.  I just wanted to share my therapy/work/fun with y’all!  Hope you like them!


Getting Back to Routine February 26, 2007

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I think that maybe getting back to routine will help me.  I’ve been hurting and will continue to hurt for a long time.  But my life has been in chaos for a solid week now and I really feel like I need my routine back.  So the kids went back to school today and I got back to work.  My house is in complete disarray and I have a lot of housecleaning to do.  I also feel like I need to get back to scrapping.  A friend of mine says that scrapping is cheaper than therapy, so maybe it will help.  lol

 I made a page this morning.  It’s not for a design team…it’s just for me.  Hope you like it.  :)

Everything on this page is from the “Bluish Dream” kit by Lively.


Love for My Brother February 23, 2007

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I want to give all of you my sincere thanks for your love and compassion during this most difficult time.  As most of you know, my big brother was killed in a car accident on Monday evening, Feb. 19.  This has been very hard and it hurts deeply.  But the love our God, our family and our dear friends has been carrying us through this difficult time.  For that, I am truly thankful.

For those who never had the opportunity to know Neil, I wanted to share something about him that really sums up who he was.  During his funeral service, my pastor held up Neil’s Bible and read what Neil had written in the front of it.  “This Bible belongs to Patrick Neil Smith…or anyone else who needs it more than him.”  And that was Neil.  He loved.  He really loved.  And he gave all of himself to the people in his life.  What a beautiful legacy to leave behind!

Thank you, truly, for all of your love, prayers and compassion.  I am forever grateful. 



Woohoo! Happy News Today! February 19, 2007

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Happy news today!  I just got an email from Denise Liemert of DL Creative Studio and I’ve been chosen to be part of their first ever creative team!  Woohoo!!!!  I’m so super excited!  Check the menu on the right under “My Design Teams” to see their site and check out their fab designs!   Yipeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I just couldn’t wait to scrap with this wonderful kit by Denise, so here ya go….

Aren’t these papers wonderful?!  Everything on this page is from Denise’s “Sweet Child” kit.  Thanks for looking and BIG THANKS for all the super sweet congrats!


Learning in New Ways February 18, 2007

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The fundraiser was all day and all night yesterday and now I’m just exhausted!  We didn’t have nearly the number of attendees that we had prepared for.  At first, I was extremely disappointed…even sad and confused.  But then I realized a couple of things.  1)The Mardi Gras Children’s Parade was going on yesterday and 2)a big antique show was going on as well.  These things absolutely factored into the number of attendees we had.  But I also realized (learned) something much more important….

Sometimes the way we view success and what actual success may be are two totally different things.  For me, a successful event meant 100 people showing up.  As it turns out, that wasn’t God’s plan.  He told me to do something and I did it.  I was obedient, even in the face of what were for me overwhelming odds.  And in the end, the event was very successful…just not in the way I’d imagined it would be.  We did raise a good bit of money for the school (which was the ultimate goal).  We did give away some wonderful prizes.  We did scrap and have fun together.  And I believe that someone there had a need met that they might not have otherwise.  I may never know how much this event meant to someone out there, but I do know that it was a success.  Thank you all for your prayers and your words of support!  It means so much to me!

And now for something completely different….

Check out this fun page I made tonight!  This is my youngest ds and my dear friend, Jackie.  She took the pics of my little man.  This totally cracks me up!

Everything on this page is from the “Charming” kit by Petra Losbichler at Scrapbook Elements.  This kit is now available!  You can find a link to the SBE store in the menu on the right. 

Thanks again for all of your kindness and support, y’all!  You’re the best!


Get Creative! A Scrapbooking Event February 16, 2007

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It’s here!  The big event I’ve been working on for so long is finally here!    Y’all, I’ve been working on this for months.  It’s a fundraiser crop for my son’s school.  It started out fairly small and has mushroomed into something HUGE!  Product sponsors, company donations, community involvement….it’s all happening!  But I still need help….

Would y’all please pray for this event?  Please pray that people will come out in droves to crop and that everything will be smooth and successful.  We are really hoping to raise a fair amount of money for the school and the only way that can happen is if a lot of people show up.  We’ve got the space, we’ve got the food, the classes, the prizes, the CRICUT!!!!!!  We’ve got jewelry donated to give away, the Cricut to give away, the salon packages, etc etc etc.  So much!  We just need the people to show up. 

 So if you’re a praying woman (or man, of course), could you please pray for this event?  I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate it!  Thank you!

I’ll post pics either Sunday or Monday.  :)