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My ramblings on day to day life as a mom of six kids, traditional paper scrapbooking and digital scrapping.

No! Not the Mommy Too!!! February 12, 2007

Filed under: Everyday Life — Becky Adams @ 5:48 pm

So Friday my 15yr old ds got sick and had to be picked up early from school.  Saturday my 1yr old ds got the same thing.  Yesterday my dh had to leave church early because our 7yr old got sick and last night our 9yr old dd got sick too.  I don’t like my kids being sick, of course, but I can handle it.  But now I’m sick too.  ACK!  How am I supposed to take care of all these sick kids if I’m sick too?!    At first, I thought it was sinus stuff.  Weird, since none of us have sinus problems.  But now I’m thinking it’s the flu.  Even my hair hurts.  Okay.  that’s enough whining.  Happy stuff soon, I promise.


2 Responses to “No! Not the Mommy Too!!!”

  1. Nura Keif Says:

    Speedy recovery for you and family…Take care:-D

  2. carrie Says:

    Oh no!!! Mommies are not allowed to be sick! You poor thing. I hope you can relax with your kiddos and you can all be restored to health!

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