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Ah Travelling…. March 7, 2007

Filed under: Design Team News,Layouts,scrapbook,scrapbook scrap — Becky Adams @ 9:06 pm

I’m usually a pretty positive person.  I’m working really hard to stay that way now.  Everything seems to be crashing in around me.  Y’all already know about all the tragedy in my family recently.  Amazingly, it’s the little things that I haven’t mentioned that seem to really be dragging me down.  I’m not going to list them here, since that’s not what this blog is about.  But I’m thinking that the little things are really the same things that happen all the time and the big things are just making the little things seem bigger than they really are.  Does that make sense?  Probably not.  lol  Really, I just wanted to say that if any of y’all are still praying for me…please please please don’t stop.  It seems to be getting harder right now and I could really use the prayers.  Thank you!!!

 And now for something completely different….

 Have you ever travelled with six kids and a husband?  I highly recommend it.  For one, you get to see some really sweet moments that you might have missed otherwise.  Moments like your oldest and youngest sons holding hands.  Moments like your youngest daugther helping her younger brother open a bottle of juice.  Moments like your husband stealing glances at you thinking you don’t see it.  :)  Yeah, you get all the bickering that goes along with it…but who cares?!  It’s worth it for those sweet moments.

Here’s a fun page I made of me and my dh Rodney.  I snapped this pic while driving down the road.  lol.  I just loved using these fun papers by Denise Liemert!  If y’all wanna check out the full kit, click on the DL Creative Studio link on the right and look for Denise’s “Vogue” kit.  It’s a ton of fun!

If you click on the thumbnail image of this layout on the right menu, it should show you all of the credits.


2 Responses to “Ah Travelling….”

  1. Jenn Says:

    this made me think of riding in the car with my little brother. he always fell asleep and i would hold his head so it wouldn’t fall and give him a crick in the neck (is that how you spell that?!). i would love to have pics of that!
    you’re still in my prayers…

  2. Karen Says:

    “But I’m thinking that the little things are really the same things that happen all the time and the big things are just making the little things seem bigger than they really are. Does that make sense?”
    It makes perfect sense Becky. I guess the best you can do is to try to step back and get those little things back into perspective where they belong.

    And I love the vibrant colours in your layout. It really does convey a sense of fun.

    If you can remember so many happy positive moments from a long road trip with a husband and 6 kids then I think you’re certainly a strong and positive enough woman to get through your current trials successfully.

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