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Back Home & a Tag! March 7, 2007

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Hey y’all!  We made it home safe and sound!  Thanks so much to those who were praying for our safe journey!

 Rodney’s dad is home from the hospital and doing much better.  His hospice set him up with a hospital bed, oxygen, meds, everything he needs to be as comfortable as possible at home.  What a relief to know that he’s out of that hospital and home where he wants to be.  We had a wonderful time visiting him and all of Rodney’s family.  We had to visit his dad in short spurts, since he tires so easily.  Gosh, six kids would wear anybody out…even if they were in perfect health.  But during one of our visits, we were able to stay for four hours.  It was so great!

It was really hard saying goodbye.  Even after the last “I love you” was spoken, I just couldn’t make myself walk out of that house.  I love that man and it’s hard to walk away from that.  But we had to return home.  So, even though it was heartbreaking to go, we did leave.

 It really is good to be home though.  I’ve been up all night trying to catch up on design team news and such.  So much happens when you leave town!  But I have to say this…I am on the absolute BEST design teams on the planet!  There has been so much tragedy in my family over the last few weeks that I’ve been useless as a design team member.  Yet every single one of them has been so super sweet to me.  They’ve all allowed me time to grieve, time to travel, time to get my head together.  Thank you so much for the love you’ve shown me.  I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to be a part of your team and how you’ve touched my heart with your kindness and patience with me.  Thank you!

 Can’t forget this!  I’ve been tagged for the very first time.  How cool!  This tag is from Karen.  Check out her really great blog here:    http://karooch.wordpress.com/2007/03/02/tag-youre-it/

1.  FIND THE NEAREST BOOK:  It’s my Bible.  I was looking up a few scriptures a few minutes ago.  It’s a TD Jakes “Woman Thou Art Loosed” Bible.  It includes lots of great commentaries by him and I really like it.  Of course, it’s got all my notes in it and it’s pretty dog-eared, but I’m not ready for a new one yet.  lol

2. NAME THE BOOK AND AUTHOR:  Oops…just did that.  Well, the author is God, but the commentaries are by TD Jakes.  lol

3. TURN TO PAGE 123:  That’s in Leviticus

4. GO TO THE 5TH SENTENCE ON THE PAGE AND COPY THE NEXT THREE SENTENCES ON YOUR BLOG:  Then the priest shall command that they take away the stones in which is the plague, and they shall cast them into an unclean place outside the city.  And he shall cause the house to be scraped inside, all around, and the dust that they scrape off they shall pour out in an unclean place outside the city.  Then they shall take other stones and put them in the place of those stones, and he shall take other mortar and plaster the house.  (huh?!  apparently this is telling how to determine if there is an active leprosy in the house.  I gotta read more into this to be sure though.  lol)

 5. TAG THREE MORE PEOPLE:  Fun!  Okie dokie, I’ll tag my friend Sarah at http://sarahedens.wordpress.com/ , my friend Dallas at http://dvaroney.wordpress.com/ , and my friend Tonya at http://www.bluesilver.blogspot.com/ .  Y’all have fun!

I’ll try to post some pics from our trip soon (well, okay, I’m a scrapper….it’ll be layouts  lol).  In the meantime, know that I love you all!


3 Responses to “Back Home & a Tag!”

  1. Karen Says:

    Glad to have you back Becky. And very glad that the trip went so well and that Rodney’s Dad is as comfortable as he can be. Especially in spirit.

  2. bluesilver Says:

    Ah… I’ve been tagged! I’ll update my blog this evening and include my answers. Glad you are back home, Becky. Take care!

  3. dvaroney Says:

    oh I’m so happy to hear that Rodneys dad is doing well and is back home in a more comfortable enviornment. Thanks for taggin me, I’ll update my blog in the next day or 2 for ya :)

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