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RAK Winners & Other Happy Stuff March 14, 2007

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I just realized that I am terrible at coming up with titles for posts.  lol  Gotta work on my creativity.

Folks, I’m just blown away by the response here yesterday!  BLOWN AWAY!  There were over 100 hits in a single day and that has never happened here before.  Woohoo!  Lots of super sweet comments too!  Thank you!  The first three to post were Frankie, Debbee & Rebekahboo.  Y’all plz send me an email with your addys and I’ll get a little something in the mail for you.  :)

My 1Gig of RAM wasn’t supposed to arrive until today, but it came early!  I got it yesterday afternoon and popped it in immediately.  All is can say is WOW what a difference!  I scrapped a page in less than 30 minutes.  Never done that before.  lol  So now I’ll probably be pumping out even more pages since I can speed scrap. 

I have to share a page that my friend Sarah made about me.  Y’all this page totally made me cry.  How amazing that someone I love thinks of me this way!

Isn’t it gorgeous?!  The journaling says:

A photo of a wall plaque? Why? It was a gift from my “hippie” friend. When I look at it, I can’t help but think about what it actually represents. Love is not just an emotion for Becky, but a way of life. She lives LOVE. I’ve never met someone so willing to give their heart to those around her. She has shown me love unconditionally; and it makes me want to be better. Love truly is the greatest gift.

WOW!!!!  Okay, I’m crying again.  For full credits or to leave some love for Sarah, go to http://www.scrapbookdreamer.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=14441

In other scrappy news, I got to go to an LSS!!!  Woohoo!  We don’t have any where I live, so this was a super treat for me.  While we were in Oklahoma, Rodney took me to a store called Just4Keeps.  I was like a kid in a candy store.  Rodney and I looked at every single thing in that store and I swear the girl behind the counter must have been laughing at us.  “Look at this!”  “Oh wow!  I’ve been drooling over these online and now I can touch them!”  “Hey, Becky, did you see this?”  “I can have it?!  Really?!”  Yeah, we must have looked really funny.  lol  Just so you know, if you live somewhere that has an LSS, you are blessed indeed!  So anyway, all the way home from our trip, I kept peeking into my bags from the store.  I’d just smile and think about all the fun layouts I wanted to make with my new stuff.  Did I mention before that I love paper scrapping as much as I love digi scrapping?  lol  So of course I have to share a couple of the layouts.

For full credits, click on the thumbnail image in the right side toolbar. 

I’ve got a full day today, so I need to stop typing and get busy.  Thanks again for all of your kind comments yesterday!  Y’all really made my day!


2 Responses to “RAK Winners & Other Happy Stuff”

  1. Debbee Says:

    Thanks for the RAK!!! I love the layouts you posted today. Gorgeous!

  2. Kate O'Brien Says:

    Love this blog! We have a lot in common! I will be visiting daily now!

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