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All You Need is Love…and Peeps March 26, 2007

Filed under: Everyday Life — Becky Adams @ 8:51 am

Date night was a success!  Rodney and I went to Copeland’s, a really nice restaraunt in town.  Some friends had given us a gift certificate for there and we finally got to use it.  Funny thing…they put us way in the back corner.  We were laughing and saying that it was the “cheating corner” reserved just for people who are having affairs and don’t want anyone to know about it.  Then I realized that I didn’t have my wedding rings on.  I had taken them off while washing dishes earlier and forgot to put them back on.   So I guess maybe we were that “cheating” couple.  lol

 Yesterday was a great day too!  We had church all morning, which of course, I love.  Our church is doing a fun thing right now to get kids to bring their friends to church.  They’re giving them all a small box of peeps (you know, the Easter chickies) with a note that says “Bring Your Peeps.”  How cute is that?!  When I got in my car after church, I found this:

My oldest ds, Stephen, had left these in my car for me.  Totally made me smile!

After the 12:15 service at church, we all went over to the adult life center for a WEDDING!  One of our drummers, Grant, married his long-time fiance, Kim.  They’re such a super sweet couple and I am sooo happy for them!  The wedding was just perfect!  It was very small with only a few friends and family in attendance.  Most of the worship team was there, since we love them so much.  :)  I loved the song they played while Kim walked down the aisle.  It was “All You Need is Love” by the Beatles.  They played it again after the ceremony was over.  Kim and Grant are just the sweetest couple and I think they hugged every single person there.  lol  Of course, I gotta share a pic….

Doesn’t that just make you smile?!  Ah, love!  Nothing like it!


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