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Sweetness…Pure Sweetness March 28, 2007

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Ah, Spring!  It’s all around.  The flowers are blooming (well, mine aren’t…black thumb and all), the birds are singing, the weather is perfect.  I love Spring!  Around this time of year, I start getting all mushy and lovey-dovey.  My poor kids get smothered in kisses and everybody around me has to listen to “I love you…I really love you” over and over.  This is a very happy time of year for me. 

This morning, I’m thinking about love.  I’m probably going to be thinking about love quite a bit over the next couple of months, so if love ain’t your thing, you are probably going to get really sick of me.  lol  Last night, Rodney and I pulled out the Bible and reviewed “love” with the kids.  We talked about what love is, how we can show it, etc.  A couple of them got pretty nervous when we talked about honoring your father and mother and how that shows love.  They’ve been a bit disrespectful lately and they knew it.  lol

So anyway, while on the subject of love…I just gotta share this with you.  I told you about the wedding I went to Sunday afternoon, right?  They are just the sweetest couple and I couldn’t wait to scrap a page of them.  So here it is….

Not your typical wedding page, right?  Well, it wasn’t your typical wedding.  The title of this page, “All You Need is Love,” is the song that was played while she walked down the aisle.  Love that!!!  “love, love, love….love, love, love”  That song has been in my head all morning.  lol  For full credits on the page, just click on the thumbnail image in the right side toolbar.

Here’s another sweet kinda love.   My Daddy, one of the greatest men on the planet, loves kids.  He’s crazy about all kids.  He’s the kind of man that thinks every single baby is beautiful….and we all know that some babies are just plain ugly.  lol  He thinks all kids have a great potential inside them (well, I can’t argue with that one).  My Daddy really knows how to love.  Of course, he’s a wonderful PaPa to my kids, but he’s also great with other people’s kids.  In this pic, he was playing at the park with my friend Jackie’s dd.  Isn’t this just the sweetest?!?!?!

Yep.  This is a paper page.  lol  For full credits, click on the thumbnail image in the right side toolbar.  I had so much fun making this page!  I was thinking about how sweet my Daddy is and I was having a ton of fun playing with the textures on this page.  And LOOK!  I even sewed on the page!!!!  Those who know me know that this is a big deal for me.  I’ve been trying to learn how to sew and really struggle with it.  I’m really proud of me though.  I threaded my own bobbin and re-threaded the machine…and it only took 45 minutes!  I’m getting better!  rofl

 Okay, that’s enough rambling today.  I’ve got an exciting announcement tomorrow, though, so y’all check back if you can.  :)


One Response to “Sweetness…Pure Sweetness”

  1. Karen Says:

    I sat and stared at that second layout for five minutes before I read your text Becky. I’m thinking “surely that has to be hand scrapped, but she’s a digi girl”. Glad to know I’m not going nuts.
    Very impressed with the sewing. I’m hopeless at sewing and I run away from doing it on my layouts.

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