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Gotta Share the Joy! March 29, 2007

Filed under: Design Team News,Everyday Life,Toots! — Becky Adams @ 9:34 am

Y’all, I just have to share my happy news!!!  And for those of you who know me, I can just hear what you’re saying.  “Oh Lord, she’s pregnant again?!”  lol  Nope!  Not pregnant and very happy to not be pregnant.  :)  No, this news is very different and just as exciting to me. 

 1.  I’ve been named Design Team Coordinator for Dragonflaire Studios, United States side!!!  Woohoo!!!!  The lovely & talented Francine will be heading up the European side.  I can’t begin to tell y’all how excited I am about this.  Maggie Lamarre is a very talented designer and a super lady…I’m honored to be a part of her team.  The new forum at Dragonflaire will be up soon.  We will also be offering some amazing classes soon.  So much in the works!  So exciting!

2.  Rodney got a job working for Coca-Cola as their warehouse manager!!!  Yay, Rodney!!!  I’m so proud of him!  He’s an excellent manager and his employees always love him and work very hard for him, so Coca-Cola will be very pleased.  And this is such a great company that we are just thrilled that he’ll be working for them.  The pay is great, the benefits are even better.  Woohoo!  The only problem is that the job is two hours away from our home and we definitely do not want to leave this area.  So we’ll move to the other side of our parish (Louisiana has parishes rather than counties).  That way the kids can still go to the same schools, we won’t have to move away from our family or our church family, & Rodney will be a little closer to his work.  So now we’re house hunting.  Fun!!!

Okay, that’s it.  Two very fun announcements about my life.  I’m so darned happy that I just have to share the love.  So now that I’m smiling really big, I’d like to see one of my friends out there smile really big too.  Leave a comment on this post and on Wednesday I’ll draw a winner for an RAK from me.  :)  But wait, let’s make a little bit interesting.  In your comment, tell me about something that made you smile really big this week.  It can be something simple like bubbles or something big like a new job.  Fun!  Can’t wait to hear what made you smile!  :)


23 Responses to “Gotta Share the Joy!”

  1. Daniela Says:

    Congrats, that sounds like fun for both of you. I love Coke :)

  2. Amy Cutler Says:

    Awesome news, congrats girl!!!!! I’m going to my FIRST weekend crop this weekend and I’m so excited. That is what makes me happy this week.

  3. Debbee Says:

    Huge congrats to you guys!!! How exciting!!!

  4. maria Says:

    yay Big congrats!!!!!!!!

  5. Denise Says:

    Great week for the both of you!
    I love Coke too!! It’s that or nothing for me.
    Can’t wait to see the Dragonflaire site.
    Spring is in the air and that makes me happy!

  6. Jonnelle Says:

    That’s wonderful, HAPPY news!!
    I cannot wait to visit the Dragonflaire site.
    I’m getting a Mom’s Night out on Friday, cannot wait, I will be SO happy and relaxed!!
    Congrats again!!!

  7. Sharon Dodd Says:

    I’m so happy for you. Such a new adventure for the both of you.

    You said to tell of something that made us smile this week. I had the opportunity to attend a volunter appreciation banquet (as a guest) for tutors for the Whiz Kids program in Oklahoma City, OK at the Cowboy Hall of Fame. The program is for kids who live in very underprivileged and sometimes violent areas of town. The man who spoke was Manuel V. Scott. He is one of the original Freedom Writers that the movie is based on. He told how his mother was a crack addict, his father was in prison and his step father beat his mother. He dropped out of high school in the ninth grade with a 0.6 GPA after his best friend was tortured and killed by a white supremacist group. He was sitting on a park bench in L.A., when a man came up to him and told him about the transforming power of Christ. He went back to high school. Erin Gruwell was a teacher who was fresh out of college. He said they didn’t know what this white lady thought she could teach them, because they had so much anger. However, she was able to bond with them. She taught them about the classics. She had them read the Diary of Anne Frank, and they saw the parallel between Anne Frank’s life and the struggles they were going through with all the racial hatred. Manny finished high school, was accepted to UC-Berkeley, now has two degrees and is going to start on his PhD next year. He gave a very inspirational speech. He told us how each one of us could change the world by helping one child.
    Sorry, I got carried away. But, he was an inspiration.

  8. Erin Says:

    A HUGE congrats to you and your family!!! That is soo awesome!

    What made me smile this week was middle little girl singing her heart out at her Music Program this week…she even sang a duet!!! I was so proud of her!!!

  9. Terri Says:

    Congrats to both of you! Do you get free coke now? Just curious :-) I can’t wait to see the site you’ll be heading up. They are lucky to have snagged you!

    Let’s see…lots making me smile this week. For one, this weekend is my 20 year college reunion and I’ve got great friends coming in from all over the US to visit. It’s fun to work with my alma mater!

    Another smiley moment…Emerson told me “Mommy, I love you like a dog.” I wasn’t sure what to think of that until he said “I’m the puppy dog and you’re the mommy dog and I love you like a dog.” How sweet is that?? Then we had a battle this morning over wearing shorts – I gave them to him to put on and he told me I made a mistake with his britches because his legs were sticking out. Turns out it was a long winter and he doesn’t remember shorts. He kept crying because his legs were sticking out until we called Grandma and she told him it was okay and they were supposed to look that way. Too funny!

  10. Martha Says:

    Congratulations to you! What an exciting week you’re having!

    I’m smiling because Jess and I won the co-title of Last Scrapper Standing at Just4Keeps and that made me happy!

  11. Tilda Says:

    Congrats to you and hubby! Great news! Its Coke or nothing for me too!

    What made me smile this week…..My daughter is Developmentally delayed and a Junior in High School and I have been putting together Prom for their class (resource kids) to attend the school Prom….I was able to secure a Car Lot to provide transportation in a New fancy car for them, another business to Purchase dinner for htem in a fancy restaurant, and an A/P department of a big company here to supply corsages, and a goodie bag….all for the Special needs kids….These kids are so wonderful and they deserve to have a special night like all the other kids. YEAH!!!!

  12. Cherie Says:

    Oh wow! Congratulations! That’s some awesome news!

    Okay, something that made me smile……

    My oldest son (he’s 15) made me smile this week! He has a bit of a social disorder and won’t do certain things. For instance, about a month ago, I had to go with him into a concert to meet his friends because he was too embarrassed to pay his way in. It was literally all he could do to put his hand out to be stamped. I’ve been very concerned about this, so I put him in counseling about three weeks ago and they’ve been working hard on this. Well, the other night, he went to another concert….But he went all by himself – he didn’t even meet friends! He went in and paid his way alone, sat by himself all night because none of his friends could make it and made a couple friends there! I’m SOOOOO proud of his progress!!!!!!! It’s just amazing!

  13. carrie Says:

    how fun and exciting! CONGRATS x2!!!

    what made me happy this week is the small bit of sunshine we are having today!!!

  14. Awesome news for you and your family this week!! What made me smile??? my two year old nephew with his chocolate grin saying “TiTi would ew wike some nim&ms??

  15. Congratulations Becky and to Rodney!! What a blessing God is bestowing on your dh! Good luck to you Becky as the DTC on that site!! I’m sure you will do a wonderful job!

  16. awendybird Says:

    Found your blog post on CMK :) Congrats on both exciting new things in your life! Finally getting my wireless broadband and ditching dial up made me happy happy happy this week :D

  17. Meghan Says:

    Congrats on everything! Very exciting.

    My son made me smile this week. He started to “pincher” grab his puffys & tonight he used his sippy cup. Go Cheeks!

  18. Leah Says:

    Congrats on your happy news!!

    Here is something that made me smile this week.. I hope it counts..it’s not something that personally happened to me but an email I got from a friend with this link.. this will brighten anyones day!


  19. Jenn Says:

    CONGRATS!!! God’s blessin yall all over the place! Does this mean there will be Coke…or even better…Diet coke in the RAK??!! :)

    I’m all smiles this week ‘casue He’s blessin me too! i also got a new job! Actually, it’s my old job, but i wanted it back! I’ll be teaching 8th grade math! love it!!!

  20. Tammy Says:

    This is just the most awesome news for your family!! Yeah God! for blessing you so richly!!

    Something that made me smile this week was hearing my kids agree to take on some extra chores around the house so that mom and dad don’t feel so overwhelmed with working full time and trying to keep up with everything else! AND, they did it willingly AND have not had poor attitudes about doing these things either! WOO HOO for my kids!! Maybe I’m biased, but they’re turning into some awesome preteen/teenaged girls!!

  21. Hiya, Becky!!

    Congrats!!! I love being a part of Dragonflaire, too!!

    Your BLOG made me smile this week!! Your excitement is infectious!!! Hope you have an even better weekend!! See ya in the forums!


  22. Anniek Says:

    Congratulations to you!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about the challenge for HMITM. Love your layout too!

  23. Gail Says:

    Congrats!!! I also worked at Coca Cola years ago doing accounting. and we are building a house close to my daughter…yea!!!
    I must tell you about my new puppy. He is a bubbly “all boy” little Shih Tzu and just a mischievous. We have had him 7 weeks now and he is 6 months old. Because he stayed in the pet store a long time, he does not know little things like how to go down steps. Several things like this, I have had to teach him. When he lays down, he lays like the photoshop splat! paws out in front and paws about behind. We named him Bai-Lee (chinese deccent – so English named spelled chinese..lol) Well, Bai-Lee has a 2nd name now….his new name is “WATER DOG”!
    Last night as I was taking the top off the hot tub to get in for a few minutes, I heard him come running like a freight train…and about 6 feet before he got to the tub….he went airborne! Landed splat (belly flop) in the middle of the water and immediately started sinking…..hair and all!!! He did not know how to swim. I am older, so it took me a few seconds to get in to get him….he looked up at me so pitiful and stayed in my arms for over 5 minutes before he would move….SO….Bai-Lee is now known as Water Dog….You know, I really should make him a cape like the caped crusader Under Dog…what do you think???

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