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Easter Sunday April 8, 2007

Filed under: Everyday Life — Becky Adams @ 1:09 am

This is a very important time of year for us.  This is the time that we remember just who we are in Christ and just who He really is to us.  Yes, we remember it all the year through, but we’ve set aside this time to celebrate this.  Why?  Well, do you celebrate any anniversary in your life?  Wedding, birthday, etc?  Why not celebrate THE defining moment in all of history?  Jesus Christ, our Savior, offered Himself up for us as payment for our sins.  He suffered and died because He loves us too much to have us spend eternity apart from Him.  And then He did the ultimate…He conquered death!  He rose again and reigns as King.  WOW!

In case you’re wondering why He did all this…there’s a pretty simple explanation.  God is holy.  He is perfect.  Sin cannot stand in His presence.  So how can we possibly spend eternity with Him if we are sinners?  It’s as though there’s a great big canyon standing between us and God.  That’s where Jesus comes in.  He stands as a bridge between us and God.  He suffered and died as a sacrifice for our sins.  Yours and mine.  Because of His sacrifice, made in love, our sins are washed away and we are made clean.  We are now able to come into the very presence of God without fear or shame.  All because of Jesus.  That’s love.  That’s true, pure love.  That’s what we celebrate at Easter, and every day. 

So I pray that you will all be blessed with love & joy…today and always.  May you know that you are wrapped up in love, surrounded by it.  Because that’s what love does.  That’s what Easter is.  A celebration of love….true love.

You know, when I started this blog, I said that I wasn’t going to bring my “religion” “faith” or whatever you want to call it, into my writing.  I told myself that this blog was going to be only about scrapbooking and maybe a bit about my day to day life thrown in here and there.  But I suppose my faith really does define who I am.  God is love.  Jesus is love.  If I call myself “a Christian” or a “Christ-follower” then love should be what I am all about, right?  If it weren’t, then I would be a liar, right?  So in spite of all my mistakes, my wrongs, my failings, my shortcomings, I hope that one day those who knew me can say, “No, she wasn’t perfect…but she loved.  She really loved.”  I realize this may have very little to do with scrapbooking, but then again maybe it does.  Since I call my scrapbook pages “love letters” to my family, then talking about the source of love makes perfect sense.  lol 

And my friends, if you have any questions about anything I’ve said today, just drop me an email and we’ll chat.  I’d be thrilled to hear from you!


3 Responses to “Easter Sunday”

  1. Karen Says:

    Glad you got to celebrate Easter in the way that’s most meaningful to you Becky.

  2. kate o'brien Says:

    Loved this post! It was just beautiful! Sharing your faith is a beautiful thing.

  3. Glynis Says:

    Becky, that was all said so beautifully…you gave me goosebumps!! Blessings, my friend!

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