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Scrapper’s Sick Bed March 7, 2008

Filed under: Everyday Life — Becky Adams @ 9:19 am

I was recently very sick.  It started with the flu, then changed to strep throat and sinusitis.  Then it changed to a stomach virus.  I’m all better now (THANK GOD!) and am really grateful for how good it feels to be healthy.  While I was sick, I would get soooooo bored.  Laying in bed all day is no fun.  So I transferred some of my scrappy stuff into my sick room and got a little scrapping done. 

This is me, sick as a dog.  It’s not the greatest pic of me, but I really just wanted to show you the bed.  You know you’re addicted to scrapbooking when you can’t even stay away from it when you’re miserable sick.  lol

This is a scrapper’s sick bed.  What cracks me up is the empty medicine box in my little trash bag.  Miserable sick, but still scrapping away.  Yep, I’m addicted.  I’ll come back later and add some pics of my completed projects.  Until then, y’all have a wonderful day!


2 Responses to “Scrapper’s Sick Bed”

  1. Linsa Says:

    Well, you actually look quite good for a sick person! Very classy!! You’re really addicted, can’t believe the sight of your bed :-O What does DH say about that? It’s so nice to recognize the papers you use ;-) I even have the same trimmer! Hope you’re all well now!

  2. peter Says:

    hello how are you doing? i am looking for a sickbed boy picture i need it now.plz

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