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Wall Art Made Easy March 16, 2008

Filed under: scrapbook,scrapbook scrap — Becky Adams @ 10:55 pm

Here’s a little something I made tonight….

This is above the door that leads from my scraproom into my bedroom.  The maroon heart is the same color as the ceiling in my scraproom. 

I made this using the Cricut “Jasmine” cart. for the letters and the “George” font for the heart.  The scroll behind the heart was made by combining to Jasmine “p”s.  Each letter is made using the 5 1/2” setting.

I applied this to the wall using Xyron temporary adhesive, so I can remove or change it at any time without any frustrating adhesive hinderances.

I actually got this idea from my mom.  She is having a friend paint a couple of sayings over two doors in her home.  I liked the idea so much, I decided to try it with something a little less permanent than paint.  I love the results.  Very simple, yet very dramatic.  Even Rodney likes it!  :)


4 Responses to “Wall Art Made Easy”

  1. Linsa Says:

    This is an excellent idea! Looks great! Too bad my scrap corner slash bedroom doesn’t have a door :-)

  2. Wendi Says:

    Love the saying, Great job Becky, I just found this website surfin around looking at walls but…. is this really you Ohsohappy???? If it is, I’ve missed you at Storytellers!!! You were always so fun to chat with….

  3. These are a great way to decorate, reveal your personality with making a public speech and it’s very inexpensive. We have one in each of our main rooms pertaining to what room it’s in. We have twins and they have the cutest little twin poem (only 6 lines using Lyrical Letters) and we inserted their names as well. Then my favorite is in our main living space which is a quote from Emerson that states “For all I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.”

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